Being a motoring journalist is something of a privilege, but we don’t spend all our time hooning about in supercars. Occasionally, though, the heavens are in alignment and you end up having one of your most interesting motoring weeks.

Last Thursday Vicky Parrott waved the keys of a 530bhp Porsche GT2 in my direction. I didn’t leave the office until 2.30 in the morning, so a quick run across West Sussex was out. So I took the long way home.

There’s not much you can do with a genuine supercar at 2.30am that you can’t do at 2.30pm, save taking great joy in attacking roundabouts. That and accelerating very hard up to the speed limit (0-60mph 3.5sec), ‘cos there’s no law against acceleration, is there officer?’ In any case, who could need more supercar than this exceptional machine?

The next evening I had my first run our loan Focus RS. To my surprise, the extravagance of the exterior and interior is at odds with a remarkable engine.