As usual there's plenty of new cars to look forward to next year. But there's a trio from Ford that I'm really impatient to see and drive.

Firstly the Fiesta just because the Verve concept looks so damn good. And we've seen so much promise with the Mazda 2 with which it shares a lot of engineering.

But, for me, the main event for Ford's small cars will be the new Ka, due at the Paris motorshow in September. How can they possibly reinvent the current car? Will it look even remotely the same? And can Ford make it drive like a Ford, even though it shares a platform with the Fiat Panda? These are all questions I'm itching to have answered.

And of course 2008 will be the year of the new Focus RS. There have been rumours and counter-rumours over whether the Blue Oval would replace its hottest hatch. But a sketch released the other day proved that it is going to happen. Something tells me that its going to be my favourite drive of 2008.

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