I took a VW Fox for a trundle the other day, and it struck me that this is a bit of a forgotten car. Manufacturers are currently clambering over one another in the rush to bring out small, green cars – Mazda 2, Renault Twingo, Mini Cooper D with stop-start – yet the littlest VW seems to have been lost in the melée.

In-house sibling rivals the VW Polo Bluemotion and the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive put the Fox further in the shade, of course, especially since there’s no diesel Fox, meaning the lowest CO2 output you can get is 144g/km. And as well as not being particularly low on carbon emissions, the Fox has got a bigger problem; it's not particularly high on the kind of character that sells small cars in transporter loads. 

The Fox also seems extraordinarily dull, especially inside. Where the old Lupo managed to feel both youthful and classy, the Fox feels both staid and – whisper it - a teensy bit downmarket.