Don’t fret, I’m not about to unleash a recall disaster-a-thon on Audi or anything like that.

However, as the keeper of Autocar’s shiny and still new(ish) TT RS, I was wondering; has anyone else has experienced brake judder on a TT? Because that’s precisely what our car now suffers from if I brake hard in it then lightly come to a stop.

Admittedly it’s been driven quite hard on occasions, once in particular to make a video, but considering it’s still not yet done 10,000 miles I’m quite surprised the brakes have started to wane. It’s done no proper track days as such and has basically been used as a daily driver most of the time.

Watch the Audi TT RS versus Audi R8 V10 video

The car is booked in for a visit to the local dealer early next week, but judging from a visual inspection there’s still a bit of life left in the front pads. I’m hoping that it’s not a warped disc but fearing that this might well be the case.

So then, are you a TT driver and does any of this sound remotely familiar? If so I’d be extremely keen to read your thoughts.