Peugeot had cars, scooters and bicycles at its pre-show bun fight last night, but the star of its show was...a piano. It was the first product of a new Design Lab, intended to display Peugeot's design expertise and give Peugeot car designers a place to 'refresh themselves' when necessary.

The piano, a baby grand in performance, but with an entirely different, sculptural carbon fibre shape, is made in cooperation with the 200 year old piano maker, Pleyel and goes on sale today at around £150,000.

Peugeot's pianist, who elegantly demonstrated the instrument at a cocktail party at company HQ in central Paris, reckoned the new design offered new, more subtle control of note volume and compared the precision of the keyboard with the controls of a very good car. As of last night, a couple of Peugeot pianos had already been sold to keen collectors.