A sparklingly immaculate, bright red 2007 Honda Civic Type R, the latest version in other words, so not the Mk1 breadvan model – with the GT option pack in situ, which brings with it air con and various other desirable goodies.

Mileage; 35k. History; one owner from new and a full Honda dealer service history to go with it. Not only that, the car still has one major service left in the tank because the chap who bought it from new also bought the five year free servicing plan, which goes with the car. Price; £7500 ono. Except in this case just £6200 turned out to be good enough.

Don’t know about you but I can’t see a deal like that being beaten by any one or anything this week, not when the mileage and history turns out to be genuine, and the car itself drives pretty much as if it were new. Which is why it is now the prize possession chez Sutcliffe, and why we are all feeling ever so slightly smug about things at the moment round our way.

The only issue is that it needs new tyres, the current Bridgestone runflats having been fairly well thrashed, especially at the front. But what I might do is try it on a set of regular – ie non runflat tyres – and see if the ride/steering/handling gets any sweeter, any advice on which there may be from anyone who’s tried something similar on a Mk2 Type R would be gratefully received.

But in the meantime, can anyone beat a bargain like that – this week, or even this year?