So this is where I will be spending the next year (not all of it, obviously ­ just the driving bits)­ our new long-term diesel TT. It  turned up yesterday and I took it home for the first time last night so all I know about this car is based on driving it from Teddington to Shepherds Bush and back again (about 20 miles).

But that's enough time to work out that the TT has a great driving position, and the interior retains the cocoon-like feel of the original car that made it feel so special when it was launched in 1998. It looks great in white and I like the 19-inch retro-style split rims.

Less endearing is the somewhat lifeless steering and the fact it doesn't have an external boot release. Sounds minor but I can see myself still going for a non-existent handle under the boot lid in six month's time.