Bored by all the election nonsense, slightly cheered by the fact that I’d cancelled an AA subscription and prepared to swallow that fuel duty rise, I still needed to cheer myself up.

So I drove to Ipswich.

Not in itself an uplifting experience, I concede, but it did provide with me with an opportunity to take a closer look at the bodyshell of my Mark 1 Mini Cooper. With it freshly sandblasted I could see where all the previous bodgers had left their marks.

I knew it wasn’t perfect, but overall the shell is solid. Sure, the front end is a bit of a welded mish-mash, so that needs to be chucked away so we can start again. That’s part of the fun, though - I’ll never knowingly buy a new car, so this is my only opportunity to spec a car up to precisely what I want, subject of course to what’s on the Heritage certificate. Good job I love Almond Green!