Bored by all the election nonsense, slightly cheered by the fact that I’d cancelled an AA subscription and prepared to swallow that fuel duty rise, I still needed to cheer myself up.

So I drove to Ipswich.

Not in itself an uplifting experience, I concede, but it did provide with me with an opportunity to take a closer look at the bodyshell of my Mark 1 Mini Cooper. With it freshly sandblasted I could see where all the previous bodgers had left their marks.

I knew it wasn’t perfect, but overall the shell is solid. Sure, the front end is a bit of a welded mish-mash, so that needs to be chucked away so we can start again. That’s part of the fun, though - I’ll never knowingly buy a new car, so this is my only opportunity to spec a car up to precisely what I want, subject of course to what’s on the Heritage certificate. Good job I love Almond Green!

Beyond that, it’s a blank canvas which I will turn into a Cooper as owned by a cool early ‘70s dude who possibly does a bit of weekend racing. It will be all very tasteful. No flared arches, aftermarket Japanese aircon, or fluffy seat covers. It’s all rather exciting.

This is also where you come in. A sensible suggestion or two for getting the right look would be nice. (I’m keen on cosmic alloys, but I have white S reverse rims which are heart-stoppingly funky).