A quick media trip to Singapore brought an avalanche of admiration and praise for the new Marina Bay circuit which is due to host F1's first night race this coming September and - in time could well supplant Monaco as the jewel in grand prix racing's crown.

Speaking as one who has always regarded the Monaco GP as a load of self-important and over-hyped nonsense, I was delighted to hear that Singapore's legendary skyline is to form the backdrop for a bout of high profile F1 action. Except, of course, you won't be able to see that skyline on television thanks to the fact that the race will start at 10.00pm - in the pitch dark - illuminated by floodlights.

I must be turning into a grumpy old man, because I think Bernie Ecclestone's decision to pander to European TV viewers by saving them the trouble of getting up in the small hours of the morning to watch a far eastern grand prix is utterly ludicrous. If I wanted to watch cars racing at night, I'd go to Le Mans or an international rally, not a round of the F1 world championship. Let me repeat, night racing under lights has no place on the championship schedule. It is likely to prove a costly - and irrelevant - adjunct to what could otherwise be an instant classic on the F1 calendar.

Frankly I'm not surprised that the Australian GP organisers have told Mr E that they are not really interested in bastardising the Albert Park fixture, although it's a stance which could well cost them their race in the longer term.