Are Ferrari sore losers or what? Lewis Hamilton could be crowned F1 world champion this coming weekend, yet Luca di Montezemolo has gone on the record to say that the Brit will have Ferrari to thank if he becomes the first driver ever to win the title in his rookie year.

Ferrari really is a pretty loathsome team, frankly; it thought nothing of rigging several races during the Schumacher years, and if it had its way, the FIA would have excluded Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton as well as the McLaren team, and we’d be watching a yawnsome ‘tussle’ between Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa for the driver’s crown in China and Brazil.

Yes, certain elements of the McLaren team were involved in some murky shenanigans at the start of this year. But Lewis Hamilton, for all his steely on-track reserve, is a decent young man from a fine family; having reported on him during his European Formula 3 days, I’d struggle to name you a nicer candidate to lift F1’s top prize. In any case, he’s probably going to be crowned champion, regardless of what Ferrari wants.

So did dear Luca decide to bury the hatchet and make a conciliatory statement that would have benefited F1 and focused everyone back on the racing again?

Did he heck. Just goes to show that Ferrari is a brand of luxury sports cars, keyrings and baseball caps, and no longer a classy, noble racing team devoted to motorsport. What a shame.