Reading between the lines, it’s really starting to look as though Michael Schumacher is seriously mulling over whether or not to make a return to F1 with the newly re-branded Mercedes squad.

I’m bound to say – or reiterate, just in case you’re getting bored with me thumping this particular tub – that I think he’s crackers even thinking about it.

So what to do?  Ring Niki Lauda, of course, and ask what’s different about the world he faced when he made a comeback in 1981 – after two and a half years away – and won a third championship with McLaren to add to the two he’d previously clinched with Ferrari.

In many ways his pragmatic logic behind making this decision was similar to that which must surely be going through Michael’s mind at the present moment. Lauda always thought that being properly prepared for F1 was a logical case of mind over matter; once you’d taken the decision and were certain about it, the only thing left was to make certain you were fit enough to do the job. He was – and Michael will be, assuming he makes the decision to do it.

Yet it will not be easy for Michael. Taking on Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel in a Red Bull and a couple of McLaren-Mercs driven by Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton will not be the work of the moment.