I can’t describe how excited I am about the new Formula 2 series for next year, even more so now I know Jonathan Palmer has won the pitch to supply the cars, which in turn will be built by Williams.

GP2 F2 always used to find the best talents for F1, but spiralling costs rendered the series obsolete by 1984.

Now costs will be fixed to less than £200,000 per driver per season, which is chicken-feed in international racing terms, so the stars of tomorrow won’t be those with the deepest pockets, but the greatest talent.

This will be further enhanced by the ‘arrive and drive’ nature of the series: all the cars should be mechanically identical so your competitiveness or otherwise will be determined almost entirely by your set up and driving abilities.

JP’s involvement is critical, too. His reputation for providing products of the highest quality – be they track days or FPA racers – speaks for itself, as does his ability to get things done.

He’s an undeniably hard taskmaster who suffers fools not at all, which is precisely what is needed if F2 is to regain its profile. It’s fitting too, as Palmer was one of the last drivers to find his way to the top rung of the racing ladder via F2, winning the 1983 championship driving a works Ralt-Honda.