I think we should see how Bernie’s new system for deciding the world championship pans out before dismissing it out of hand. For years F1 fans throughout the world have bemoaned the lack of overtaking in the sport and here is a method of encouraging it which is simple, free and likely to be effective.

It will prevent tactical driving. The weather made the title decider in Brazil last year a thrilling race, but I for one will live very happily without seeing a team like McLaren and a driver like Lewis Hamilton embarking on a Grand Prix weekend with the sole intention of coming fifth.

 Drew Gibson/LAT Photographic
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What this system will do is make teams focus more on winning each individual race and less on long-term strategy. This, from a spectator’s or viewer’s point of view, has to be a good thing.

As for the ethics of it, I can’t remember much moaning last summer about Team GB’s standing in the Olympic medals table, despite a system that allows a team with one gold and no other medal to be ranked ahead of another with silvers and bronzes coming out of their ears.

Finally, it’s not important what difference these changes would have made had they existed from the start of the world championship. There have been myriad changes to the points system since the beginning back in 1950– I’d like there to be a point available for pole position and another for fastest lap – but all that’s relevant is what rules apply for any given season.