During the weekend’s Britcar 24 hour race I learned from chatting to the Aston team that when company CEO Ulrich Bez races at the Nurburgring 24 Hours he won’t drive in the dark.

Phillips_18th[1] When night falls, he calls it a day until sunrise and let’s the paid help take over. Slightly odd, I thought to myself, as dusk enveloped the Silverstone pit lane. I’d never raced at night before, but I enjoy driving in the dark – and watching Le Mans in the hours before dawn is one of the major reasons I make the trip.

So I was rather looking forward to getting behind the wheel of ‘our’ Aston N24 for my first stint of nocturnal racing.

How wrong I was. What I expected to be a slightly magical tour of Silverstone in the gloom turned out to be the most mentally draining two hours of my life. Driving down the pitlane, everything was tickety-boo, with light spilling from the garages and the car’s interior having an atmospheric, shadowy look.