Watching from the touchlines you might be forgiven for thinking that the FIA president Max Mosley seems determined to hijack the most prestigious race on the calendar in his battle for survival. Mosley is only attending next Sunday's race at Monaco because he lives there as a tax exile. 

Whatever he says his presence is an embarrassment to the royal family, but there's not much they can do about it. Mosley is quite clearly prepared to trample over anybody in his bid to survive.

I am also curious to know whether there is any real evidence that the general assembly of the FIA giving him a vote of confidence on June 3 will prevent CVC Capital partners from somehow selling on the commercial rights of the business. These are the same rights that the FIA under Mosley previously sold to Ecclestone for the ludicrously low figure of $309m for 100 years, and which the FIA’s embattled president has hinted might end up going astray if he’s not around to oversee things.