Formula One gossip is inevitably more fun than the stark reality of the moment, but I’m sure championship leader Felipe Massa will be more than a little brassed off by rumours he's set to be replaced by Robert Kubica.

Quite who was driving these rumours seems unclear. But while one can almost understand Ferrari earmarking Kubica as a future candidate for a drive, that would have only been in the back of their minds in the run-up to the start of 2010 before they really knew just what a complete recovery Massa had made from those serious head injuries he sustained last summer.

Given the Brazilian’s confident form in the opening three racers, replacing Massa – or even talking about it – seems academic and theoretical at this stage of the season.

Meanwhile, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo made it very clear that we was not interested in discussing the possibility of dropping Massa for Kubica when he spoke at the launch of new Ferrari 599 GTO road car.

"Let's not start with talking about contracts," he said. "This world championship has just started. I am very happy with Felipe, from his total recovery from the incident of last year to now leading the championship.