Ah well, there goes another AH prediction straight down the drain. Kimi Raikkonen to clinch his second world championship by the end of August?

Err, perhaps best to delete that from the record. Not if Lewis Hamilton continues to drive as well as he did to win the Monaco GP. Or indeed if the Kimster puts in many more solid imitations of a one-armed paper hanger as he did at the wheel of his Ferrari.

Not only was this a seminal moment in the emergent career of the 23-year old McLaren-Mercedes driver in terms of his racecraft and tactical savvy in this most demanding and unforgiving of F1 environments, but could well come to be regarded as the moment the torch passed to the British team from Ferrari in the battle for the 2008 world championship.

Damon Hill, whose father Graham won at Monaco five times and who himself saw his own hopes of victory snatched away when his Williams-Renault retired while holding a commanding lead in the 1996 race, was rightly full of admiration for Hamilton's achievement.He said; "Monaco is a tricky old place at the best of times, but throw in a helping of heavy rain and it becomes extremely difficult. It's very easy to get intimidated there and once the track bites you, it's hard to regain your composure and  confidence."