Yes yes yes, I know, sorry, the Britcar 24 hour race finished many hours ago, but this is the first time since that I’ve been near a keyboard with my eyes open.

How did we do? Very well. Our near production-spec Mazda MX-5 race car (featuring the same 160bhp engine and six-speed manual ‘box as the road car) finished 16th out of 59 starters in a field that included some proper exotica (such as an Aquila SR1).

“Chuffed” doesn’t quite do it justice.

We managed it because an MX-5 uses next to no fuel and because our car, out of an entire day, only spent a total of six or seven minutes stationary when we didn’t want it to be.

Those few minutes were all the time it took for Jota Sport, which looks after these Mazdas (including the forces charities one) in a frighteningly professional manner, to replace an entire front wheel hub after a bearing failed. The hubs, like the rest of the suspension save the springs and dampers, are production parts, and the job included removing a baking brake disc. I’m not sure franchised dealers of any marque work to quite the same timescales.

The rest of the time our MX-5 was, other than when it was refuelling or having its tyres changed, being pedalled at consistent and repeatable speeds around Silverstone’s Arena GP circuit while other cars fell off or broke around it.

We’d qualified 49th, and some of the few cars behind us were fast metal that had had difficult qualifying sessions. So the car is by no means fast.