What is it about certain racing drivers that make you think; now that boy might just have what it takes?

Is it the way they talk the talk?

Nope, they all learn how to do that pretty much from the age of three nowadays, although Kimi Raikkonen never quite mastered this particular art, of course, and was all the more beguiling as a non-personality as a result.

Is it the way they seem to be able to wear enormous sunglasses without somehow managing to look too silly?

Again, no; you are no one as a racing driver unless you can pull off an utterly ludicrous pair of shades while also appearing to be icy cool.

It is, of course, the way they drive, and spotting the haves from the have nots – particularly in F1 – requires that you look at the most minute details of each driver’s performance, and then work out who’s got it, and who has not.