Right, so answer me this, dear reader. Which is worse? Lewis Hamilton nudging the back of Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari in the pitlane at Montreal at 25mph. Or Kimi Raikkonen running flat-chat into Adrian Sutil at Monaco at 130mph?

Hamilton shunt You might be forgiven for thinking it was the latter, but the FIA stewards felt the former was the really serious offense, blaming and penalising Hamilton with a ten place grid penalty at the upcoming French GP. Despite wiping out the race chances of the completely blameless Adrian Sutil, Raikkonen got off scot-free.

I willingly concede that there may be aspects of this episode that I have either overlooked or don't understand, but on the face of it this looks like a perverse and contradictory judgment, lacking in either consistency or logic.

I don't know why I write columns like this because, if you try to give the governing body a bit of the kicking it so often deserves, you risk a visit from 'men in suits' inquiring just what you thought you were getting at.

Don't get me wrong here; there is no question of censorship or intimidation from the FIA. That said, I well remember the time that Max Mosley said that the governing body would tolerate dissent. Very decent and progressive of him, I thought: even if it was said through grinding teeth.