So, Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with Victoria Beckham to create an £80k Evoque. Sounds like the stuff of nightmares to the average Autocar reader, I think, but when you actually look at it, it's really quite an understated and desirable thing - not to mention a good business move for Range Rover.

This is a brand that trades heavily on its brand image, and the VB relationship works brilliantly for them. Think about it. She's massively popular in China, the US and the UK - the companies' top three markets - and she's one of the few celebrities that has chiselled out genuine respect for herself by creating such a successful fashion label amongst other things.

So whilst it's tempting to sneer at both parties for this venture, I actually think that it's a great move. Consider the Paul Smith Mini that's now a real classic - doesn't it make sense for Range Rover to do the same thing, especially given that we now know that the car is really quite understated?

I think it does, and actually I applaud both of them. They've created a really quite lovely car and traded very successfully on both brands. It was a a canny choice of celebrity on Range Rover's part in that Victoria Beckam transcends a huge array of markets globally in her appeal, and I would be surprised if we we didn't see a similar venture occurring with other models. In today's celebrity obsessed times, it makes a lot of sense.