Another important question from the show floor at Frankfurt: which is the best-looking car here?

After expending several miles worth of shoe-leather walking past the stuff here, I've spent most of the last two days assembling my own mental shortlist.

To my surprise, it's not the Ferrari 458 Italia. I was expecting great things after last week's teaser vid, Schumi's taste in nineties leasurewear withstanding, but in the metal the Fezza didn't quite work for me - I think it's the dark spaces in the headlamps where the LED bulbs lurk.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost looks great in the metal - like a slightly deflated Phantom. For my money it knocks the Bentley Mulsanne into a cocked hat as a piece of design, although the Bentley's overpowering bling will doubtless win it plenty of airtime on MTV.

Several cars stood out among the real world stuff. I was impressed by both the handsome new Citroen C3 -  a far nicer looking thing than its lumpy predecessor - and also its posher DS3 sister. Indeed, if production DS3s come with interior quality to match that of the impressively well assembled show cars then the Mini might be facing its toughest challenge yet. The five-seat Ford C-Max is also a smart, practical piece of design, although I can't warm to the sliding rear doors of its seven-seat sister.