It’s fair to say that Mercedes has taken the opportunity of the Frankfurt motor show to bet the farm on fuel cells and the hydrogen economy.

Last night at the unveiling of the F125 concept, an all-electric plug-in family saloon that uses lithium-sulphur batteries and a fuel cell with tankless hydrogen storage to achieve a 600-mile (1000km) range, there was quite literally water everywhere.

Predictably, in a country that has announced it wants to take all its nuclear reactors offline in the next ten years, there were also lots of pictures of hydro, solar and wind electricity generation plants.

Dieter Zetsche pointed that none of the steam train manufacturers had survived the swap to electric and diesel (though obviously there’s a lot of steam turbines in electricity generation) and that he was determined it shouldn’t happen to Mercedes.

It’s a pretty convincing argument, though what’s certain is that the fuel cell’s time has not yet come.