With virtually no foreign marques to cater for – which certainly made the Lotus, Alpina and Caterham patches stand out - the show organisers were faced with filling a lot of empty space.

There were sections with kids’ drawings, favourite photos of cars and a display of former Japanese cars of the year (plenty of dullards here, as you’d find among a retrospective of European CoTY winners), but tucked in a corner opposite the Toyota stand was a terrific 1970 Mazda concept car that would have looked dramatic had it been planted on its maker’s stand.

The RX-500 was a rotary-motored exploration into car safety, although it looked like Italian supercar challenger with its ultra-low, mid-engined stance, Miura-esque bonnet louvres, Kamm tail and single pantograph wiper.

Its body was lightweight plastic, and its extensive rear light arrangements indicated whether it was accelerating, braking or cruising.