Had an interesting chat with Claudio Berro yesterday afternoon, the man who heads up the other incredibly ambitious part of Group Lotus's business plan - motorsport.

The Frankfurt offering is a rally car based on the new Exige V6, a car that is able to compete in all FIA rally championships and is honed to compete on asphalt events.

Look back over the past 12 months and Lotus has got involved in even more new motorsport projects than it has road cars. While going track racing in F1, GP2, GP3, GT, Indycar and Le Mans may sound ambitious enough, taking a small, firmly-sprung, rear-drive sports car rallying is a radical departure even by Lotus’s recent standards.

Lotus will look to partner with strong rally teams based in various countries and offer factory support, without fielding a fully-fledged works team. “The performance will be near the S2000 and my dream is for it to be as quick as S2000,” says Berro.

He also thinks FIA R-GT cars (the spec to which the Exige is built) can make rallying more exciting, as the current S2000 cars are based on more mundane machines found in local supermarket car parks.

“You don’t see the Exige at the supermarket,” says Berro. “Rallying should be more exciting with higher performance cars.”

Berro says an Exige rally car has been possible as the model was planned from right at the start of the new V6’s development, something that was not possible with the Evora. But its racing plans are not stopping there, as Berro has his eye on Lotus’s new V8 engine for use in its racing cars.