Driving a car with doors open isn’t a great idea at the best of times, especially when it’s a million pound-plus concept car being edged through a curiously enthusiastic crowd. But driver Thomas Henkel and I are keen to edge forward with this Infiniti’s doors open, because this concept has no ventilation, no air-conditioning, no opening windows and a glass roof that instantly illustrates how a solar panel generates energy beneath a beating sun.

This Infiniti goes rather well with its 3.7 litre V6, but its role is really to sit on exhibition stands and look pretty, a task that its decidedly sensuous lines perform rather well inside the Goodwood Festival of Speed FoS-TECH Pavilion, where a collection of green concepts and prototypes provides quite contrast to the history roaring up Lord March’s driveway.

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 So what’s green about this elegantly indulgent-looking coupe? The fact that, were Infiniti to build it – and more on that shortly – it would actually be propelled by a parallel hybrid developing a over 600bhp, 434bhp of it erupting from a twin turbo version of the V6, the remaining 158bhp provided by a lithium-ion powered electric motor.