I find it odd that a country without any indigenous car industry and plenty of anti car rules, regulations and pricey permits, continues to host the most eagerly anticipated car show of the year. Why don’t we take it to somewhere that actually likes cars?

Germany? That’s the obvious choice. They make all the best cars in the world and I rather like the Frankfurt show. I know that the regulars think it's a load of aircraft hangers joined together, but I rather enjoyed it when I went. There were loads of cars and surely that’s the point. Otherwise relocate to Bavaria when the Beer Fest is on.

Italy? Nice food, climate and smartly turned out people. Nice architecture too and they still turn proper cars. There are several venues but Turin in the Spring has a nice ring to it.

France? I never understood the clearly mad decision to locate Disneyland Europe somewhere near Paris. I’ve been to that and it is rubbish, mostly because the French really don’t like the idea of Americans or American ideas of decent service being in Europe. So we won’t go to Paris.