Say what you like about the global motor industry - but it knows how to put on a show.

For manufacturers, the world outside is filled with collapsing sales and red balance sheets, but on the floor here at Geneva the story is one of optimism and shiny new metal.

But the global 'carpocalypse' is also creating the sort of hard news that motor shows aren't really known for. GM's press conference could be best described as a feeding frenzy, as network TV cameramen fought for the best position and correspondents elbowed each other aside to grille GM's assembled brass about the future relationship of GM Europe and GM in America.

The good news, from a British point of view at least, is that Ellesmere Port is still 'well in the frame' for the possible siting of the Opel/ Vauxhall Ampera factory.

Live at Geneva 2009: watch the Ferrari 599XX video blog