Here’s the weird thing about electric vehicles up the hill at Goodwood. You’re sat there on the start line, with everyone watching, and inside the car it’s as quiet as a library.

Which will be great for the blood pressure when the Ampera is stationary on the M25, but in today’s slightly unusual motorsport application, it is lacking a little atmosphere.

So calm as you like, you just floor the throttle. Now it's got your attention though, because off the line the Ampera has a surprising turn of speed.

At the top I’m impressed by the Ampera. To drive it’s close enough to a regular car not to put anyone off, it’s plenty quick enough up to 60mph and it disguises its weight well. 

I’m genuinely looking forward to the next generation of EVs, because I believe the experience you get with instant torque really does offer something for enthusiasts to enjoy.

And if by using EVs for shorter, more routine journeys, it means we can continue to enjoy the spectacle of the internal combustion engine simply for the hell of it, then all the better.