Right now, the Frazer-Nash Namir is rather slow for a supercar. It has the promise of 362bhp-worth of power, it has the drama and pedigree of Giugiaro’s ItalDesign in its style, but mechanically it is barely half the car that it will be.

So when I sink its alloy accelerator pedal to the bulkhead, it departs the Goodwood start line with all the ferocity of a sleepy hound looking for a new corner to snore in.

There are two reasons for this. One is that it has only half the complement of electric motors that it will shortly sport, Frazer-Nash installing only a pair in order to ready it for its Goodwood debut. And the other is that your reporter has forgotten to swivel the rotary drive selector to ‘sport’, as instructed, selecting ‘D’ instead. Which means that the Namir merely ambles away from the line, or does in contrast to the internal combustion supercars that it’s mixing with today, and the acceleration that it will soon be able to deliver.