So far, we’ve only endured three near-emergency stops on the 90 minute journeys between our hotel and the Beijing Auto Show, though it’s a surprise that there haven’t been more.

Chinese taxi drivers change lane and weave with the determination of obstinate F1 jockeys and make regular use of the hard shoulder either to overtake, or to avoid a rear-ender with another Hyundai Elantra when its dramatic weaves suddenly reduce your available stopping distance.

Beijing motor show report

Beijing motor show's wierd and wonderful cars

Up to a point it’s entertaining, though it’s harder to ignore the potential consequences when you can’t belt up in the back because your ride’s nylon seat covers prevent the extraction of the seatbelt buckles.

Most of this jostling takes place at very low-speed in fact, Beijing’s clogged arteries provoking a lane-changing technique more aggressive than we Brits are used to, the method being to drive at the front wing and door of the car you want to get ahead of until it concedes.

It’s surprising there isn’t more panel damage on the Elantras that make the taxi of choice in this part of China, though I may regret saying that with another cab ride coming up in 20 minutes...