The great thing about motor shows is that the thing that catches your eye often comes from the least expected quarter.

Of course, I went to Toyota to drool over the FT-86 concept (looks brilliant) and the Lexus LF-A (ditto). But next door at Daihatsu also commanded a lot of my attention.

Firstly because the Basket concept looks terrific. Old school Japanese small car design is at work, and it's very reminiscent of the sort of Tokyo concepts that came thick and fast in the late eighties and early nineties.

Better than that though and a lot more real world is the e:S concept. It really shows the potential of economical small cars without resorting to hybrid or electric power.

This is a 3.1 metre car, weighing 700 kgs and powered by a 660cc three-cylinder engine. Totally conventional yet with weight saving and clever engineering it’s capable of 85mpg. Daihatsu is also claiming that a two-cylinder turbo version is on the cards too and that should improve fuel economy by 30 per cent. So well over 100mpg in other words.

With this sort of car, do we need to go electric?