You’d expect the French manufacturers to be full of beans at their home motor show. But in terms of creativity, there was only one winner – with Citroen the victor by a good five lengths.

Interestingly, the Peugeot-Citroen home-team rivalry was conducted this year in the light of the departure of Peugeot’s barely installed new design director, evidently because his Citroen opposite number, Jean-Pierre Ploue, had just been elevated to the position as design director of the whole PSA group.

There is an inspiration and an optimism about Citroen’s offerings – especially the remarkable Hypnos GT saloon – which frankly eclipses everything else at the show.

Its most striking feature is an amazing, avant garde interior created by British designer Leighanne Earley, whose work has been gaining more and more credence within the double chevron design team.