Starting your own car company can be a good way to make a small fortune - but usually out of a large one.

But thankfully that doesn’t dissuade plenty of Brit businessmen doing it every year and it seems that here in the USA it’s no different.

Devon unveiled at Pebble Beach

Step forward Scott Devon, a likeable man who I’ve just met at the Californian launch of the Devon GTX, and the proud owner of the newly formed Devon Motorworks company.

Devon made his millions from frozen bakery products and he’s clearly no mug - which is why he’s hired top guys from the car business to ensure that the Dodge Viper-derived GTX goes on sale next January made from the right stuff.

Its designer, for instance, is Daniel Paulin who has the Ford C-Max in his CV. A lot of the chassis development has been done by sportscar racer Justin Bell, son of Derek and a Le Mans class winner himself.

That said, even selling the 36 cars they need to do a year is going to be a tough ask, especially at $500,000 a pop.