Earlier today, the Autocar inbox received a very interesting e-mail from a chap who only identified himself as ‘Chris’.

My guess is that ‘Chris’ is a car designer, because he’s noticed something very intriguing about Mercedes’ latest concept car, pointing out a remarkable resemblance between it’s rear and the rear of the cancelled BMW CS limo.

Although not identical – the Mercedes F800 has clearly developed the basic CS design theme – the look is remarkably similar.

Chris points that Karim Habib, one of the top designers at BMW – he was responsible for both the new 7-series and CS concept – also worked on the new Mercedes.

Habib unexpectedly jumped ship from BMW and joined Mercedes-Benz team last year.

Chris reminds us that Autocar reported this move last March: "Canadian-born Habib will be responsible for the F series cars, the concepts and experimental cars that Mercedes uses to develop its future design themes. Recent F cars include the F700 and F400.