I notice that Toyota is celebrating the delivery of its 20 millionth vehicle in Europe. Hats off to it, as it has achieved this in a remarkably short time. With nothing better to do, I spent an idle half hour seeing how many cars the old BMC, British Leyland and Rover made since 1966 - and could not get anywhere near that figure.

Obviously 19 million of those cars will be Corollas and Starlets, but it is easy to overlook just how good some of Toyota's cars are. Just not on the breakdown front, although of course recalls is something else altogether.

The Toyota Supra? I loved the lot of them even when they sort of looked like Capris and until they had the jumbo rear wing. The original MR2 was a thing of right-angled loveliness, but then I didn’t mind the others, one of which even looked like a sort of shrunken 328 (indeed, there was a bodykit for that). The proper rally Celicas (GT-Fours) were fun, too.