Do you care what your insurance company is called? Of course not, you just want the lowest and best quote and hopefully nothing to do with them ever again. Renewal is hassle, but hey, that’s what comparison websites are for. So if you end up at the Big Bogey Insurance company, so what?

Well, Norwich Union though are really bothered about their name. After several hundred years of being NU with no discernible ill effects, some bright spark in marketing has reckoned that in down town Somethingorotherstan it may confuse the locals.

So now simple NU becomes Aviva - and they have spent zillions doing it. You may have seen A-list celebs like Bruce Willis and Ringo Star hammering the point home on TV ads.

However, unfortunately in a recent poll all the people stopped in the street and interviewed for regional news didn’t have a clue what Aviva now stood for. They did, however, know it was a car.