I notice that there is an M3 ‘Edition’ on its way. It’s a tad lower by ten mill, can have shiny black 19-inch alloys, with so called ‘dark chrome’ everywhere and some contrasting stripey interior trim. Isn’t this an M3 too far?

I know BMW makes more profit this way and buyers love the idea of a racer for the road, but can’t they do without all the luxury extras and the bodykit bling which leaves 318Ci drivers in doubt as to what has just overtaken them?

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The small trifle of £53,435 that your local showroom wants to charge you for a rapid and rapidly depreciating asset could better be spent on a ‘proper’ M3.

I do realise that the original convertible M3 was also a cash in, but in its original format an E30 M3 was just about perfect.

Watch our Meet the Ancestors video on the old v new BMW M3 here

Prices seem to start at £10,000, but you’d be better off with something that’s £15,000 and mint, though low milers can be bought in the £20-£30K uplands.

I think a modern M3 customer would find the old one tiny, uncomfortable and noisy, but undoubtedly a huge amount of fun. Plus they would have a few bob left in their pocket to buy food, or perhaps an E36 for the weekly commute.