Joy of joy - as of this week participating used car dealers can now put a sticker on their stock.

Apparently the label provides consumers with clear ‘at a glance' information on the running costs, fuel consumption and environmental performance of used cars.

The initiative builds on the success of the new car fuel economy label, which is now widely recognised by consumers (but only when they buy a fridge).

For those of us who like, or know a bit about cars and the real world out there we will treat all the C02 rubbish with the contempt it deserves. We will also snigger slightly at the wildly over optimistic fuel consumption figures.

We will also know that what comes out of a used car is dependent on just how well it has been looked after.

I don’t know quite know what the point is of estimating the fuel costs over 12,000 miles are going to be. Presumably it is there to frighten some, but as I have pointed out recently I gained quite a lot of comfort from the fact that just £1,087 to run an Elise for a year seems like fantastic value.