What do you think the average annual mileage was? I say this because ever since I can remember it’s always been guesstimated at 12,000, whereas people who didn’t go anywhere and just clogged up the motorway with their bad driving only did 6000 or less.

Well according to auctioneers Aston Barclay, average fleet mileages have actually fallen to 11,349 in 2009 from 13,746 in 2008.

Apparently, rising fuel prices, the increased use of video conferencing and a pressure on employees to efficiently use their time away from the office all contribute to a fall in average mileages. Or is this just boathooks?

The auctioneers say that they analysed 45,000 ex-fleet cars sold over the past 36 months which showed mileages falling by more than 20 per cent at the height of the recession in 2009, despite the average age of stock rising.

My dad used to cover frankly impossibly large annual mileages in badly built cars. So did I for a decade or so and at no time did I ever average 12,000 miles. These days I spread the mileage over a couple of cars and dialing out family excursions in the other half’s vehicle, I am now down to 10,000 miles I think.