The economic downturn has been playing havoc with supercar values, with an abundance of sellers and a shortage of buyers translating into some seriously tempting prices.

OY8F0610 Let’s kick off with the footballer’s favourite – the Aston Martin DB9. For a while, these were residually bombproof, but values have taken a real kicking in the last year. We found this cracking 05-plate DB9 Touchtronic with just 20,000 miles showing for a whisker under £50,000. That’s under half what it’s first owner paid for it, and it comes with backed up with a fully stamped history.

The BMW M6 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but plunging prices mean it’s become a major performance bargain. You can have this 55-plate M6 Coupe on your driveway tomorrow for £31,000 without haggling. It’s shed a walloping £50K – or the price of a new M3 Coupe –in just three years and 43,000 miles. Even better, it comes with every extra, including a TV/ DVD system and an extended BMW warranty.

Fancy a Fezza? Despite the crunch, early Ferrari 360 prices are still holding up respectably well, but you can now go fishing for a decent example with a budget that starts with a ‘4’. This 2000 X-reg Coupe has covered just 26,000 miles and is up at £45,000. It’s got a manual gearbox instead of the more fashionable F1 robo-box, but that makes it a purer driver’s car.

911 Turbos always shed value quickly, and the previous-generation ‘996’ is no exception. After a bit of digging we found this 46,000-mile 03-plate manual for just £40,000. With near 200mph performance, easy driving manners and generous standard kit, this really is the everyday supercar.

Finally, something a bit sillier. Nobody should buy a Lamborghini Murcielago without giving serious consideration to its intrinsic impracticality, ludicrous servicing bills and massive running costs, but it’s hard not to be tempted into remortgaging the house by this 02-plate Coupe. It’s covered just 26,000 miles and it could be yours for £80,000, under half what it cost new.