I hope that the electric car maker Tesla manages to get over its financial worries. Because it deserves to do well.I drove the company's Elise based electric roadster for the first time last week and it was a genuine seminal motoring experience (and at my age you don't get many of them). This thing was mind-blowingly rapid, fun to drive and eerily silent. All adding up to an experience which is currently unique.

Yes the price is silly but it will come down with higher production and cheaper batteries. I don't buy the criticisms of the range either. If it was a family saloon yes. But owners of cars like these go for an afternoon blat and them put them back in the garage. I wonder what the average daily mileage of a Lotus Elise or Caterham is? Not more than 100 miles I suspect.If the Tesla is the future of sports cars then I'm looking forward to it.