Well, it's finally happened. After all the hype, all the fantasies and all the no-it-can't-really-work, back-of-an-envelope number crunching, I've driven the Tesla Roadster and, boy, does it work!

Tesla Splash I've always preferred the instant response of a well-tuned naturally aspirated engine to the slightly delayed kick in the back grunt of big turbocharged units, but no you can get the best of both worlds.

Slam your right foot on the accelerator and the response is literally instantaneous. You get a shove in the kidneys that just keeps on giving.

In fact, it's the strange, shiftless nature of the shove that it is more disconcerting than anything else. The steady torque of the motor just carries on delivering.

Equally strangely, the lack of engine noise didn't register at all. I guess I was just having too much fun. Far too much fun. In fact, in a few words that sums this car up: far too much fun... on wheels.