I hope that you’ve done something useful this weekend, such as sinking an old septic tank under your lawn and then brimming it up with panic bought fuel. I don’t have to, because I’ve already done that, so I’m all right, Jack.

Thinking ahead a year, however, I might have to fight my way to the front of the pumps so it would be good to have a back up plan. Also the very thought that Hilton Holloway could be the last man motoring, offends me to my very core. So if you can’t beat them, join them at the plugs, not the pumps.

Yes I’ll be building my own electric car. I have the tools; my retired drill has been brought back to life by the fact that the fine Teg Type R sold me one of his fine products and I can use the spare battery for my project.

I have a chassis ready and waiting which is lightweight and er, rusty. There are however a whole heap of engineering hurdles to overcome. Direct or belt drive? Steering, yes or no?

The Ruppert Twig is of course a prototype that may not see full production in its current form. However, with the collective genius of the Autocar forumers on board we could not only beat the fuel crisis but also crack the electric car for the British industry.