The least welcome development at Geneva, for me at least, was the announcement of the death of the Volvo C30. I remember seeing the SCC concept car - a very thinly disguised version of the final production car - being unveiled at the Detroit show in 2001. The rear-end styling - lifted wholesale from the Volvo P1800 ES - with the tiny glass tailgate and huge rear shoulders really floating my aesthetic boat.

Still does, to be honest. Before Christmas I spent a few hours on the used car websites, checking out used C30s. OK, it was never a great car to drive, but as a mix of a compact urban machine and safe and capable long-distance motorway machine, it is very clever. And I like the idea that the C30 might keep me alive, should I have a big shunt on a rain-strewn M40.

My enthusiasm for this kind of car might be a throwback to my teenage days. A close relation had the conceptually similar Reliant Scimitar for 12 years, and I was transported up and down the country in the passenger seat. I also loved the VW Corrado and can still remember driving the superb last-of-line VR6 Storm model.