Remarkable scenes at the Honda (okay, officially Acura) NSX unveil just now. As the covers came off the car there was applause and some whooping from the assembled hacks.

No other unveil at the Detroit motor show has prompted such a response. For a moment I wondered if it was staged such was the intensity of noise, but then I remembered this is (even in America) Honda, the most reserved of reserved companies.

Make no mistake, this car has the wow factor. When Honda president Ito took the stage he built up the unveil beautifully, talking about his role as an engineer on the original car and recognising the icon it became. Within the next three years he said, it will finally have a successor on sale – and with that came the whoops and applause.

Finally, there was one more announcement to wow. Ito confirmed he wanted to take the NSX racing. He wouldn't say where, but a Le Mans project must be possible.

I sincerely hope this car lives up to the hype. And judging by the outpouring of affection on the show floor, I'm not alone.