It seems unlikely, but the former MG Rover plant at Longbridge is producing cars again.

MG For now it’s only the venerable MG TF, with production kicking off with a limited run of 500 cars that, apart from fresh paint, wheels and headlamps, look unchanged fro the TF that was died alongside MG Rover in 2005.

According to Nanjing, this is the first of several MGs that will be built at the much-compacted factory, and the next models promise to be substantially more youthful than the TF - possibly even brand new. Longbridge will not only be an MG production site for Nanjing but an engineering centre and a bridgehead into Europe. All great news if you’re an MG fan, and if you wanted to see at least something surviving from the collapse of MG Rover in 2005.

But you wonder how robust these plans are when you see the rather lame advertising for the reincarnated TF - the copywriters clearly struggling to find a way of announcing the return of a 13 year old product – and the website isn’t vastly more encouraging.

Given that the TF is now being advertised for sale you’d expect to be able to register for information, but the ‘enquire’ page of the site is apparently being updated. A pretty terrible way of dealing with potential sales leads.