The Jaguar X-type is no more. The optimistic Monty Python pet shop keeper, would say it was “pining for the fjords”, but we know it’s dropped off the perch.

What was really a perfectly good car - it’s really a Mondeo, after all - has been the target of almost universal opprobrium scorn from the car industry.

Jaguar X-Type axed

Looking back on its life, it’s hard to agree that it deserved such critical apathy. It was pretty ungainly from some, okay, most angles, but it drove well and offered discerning Mondeo drivers the opportunity to sit in something with a touch of old-world class.

I now know the reason why I’ve always treated Jag’s entry-level model with such disdain. It’s the lack of ambition - the complete mismatch between ability and performance. You only need look at the new XF and, most recently, the magical XJ to see what Jaguar can deliver.... always could deliver.