Fascinating day last Friday at Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata plant near Bologna, where we were talked around the company’s new carbon-fibre facility and given a partial unveiling of the Murciealago-replacing Aventador. The skinless car looked stunning, and the final shape was mostly revealed in one of the supplied press factory pictures shown here.

Boss Stephan Winklemann opened the proceedings with an interesting insight. He said that up until 2007, Lamborghini’s DNA was made up of - in descending order of importance - Design, Top speed, Acceleration, Handling. Today, that order is now Design, Handling, Acceleration and Top speed.

To that end, switching to a carbon fibre monocoque for the Aventador would see a 30 per cent weight reduction compared to the Murciealago but, much more importantly, a massive 150 per cent improvement in stiffness. It’s this giant leap that will be the key to the Aventador’s prowess as serious driver’s car.