Last week I spent the afternoon in a photographic studio on the outskirts of Munich with the boss of the Mini brand, Dr Wolfgang Armbrecht, and the new design boss, Anders Warming. 

Warming takes over from Gert Hildebrand, who has led Mini design since early 2001, after BMW broke-up and sold off the ailing Rover Group.

In the flesh, the Rocketman looks like what it is - a carefully considered package but one lavished with concept car fripperies. I would doubt there’s much chance of a future city-biased Mini built around a carbon-fibre monocoque, and there’s even less chance of double-hinged doors and a completely clear roof.

What the Rocketman indicates - and you need to look through the bling - is that there’s probably a case for a tiny Mini, but only at a sensible price. Unlike the previous Mini concepts, this one hasn’t already been quietly given the nod. BMW staff will be all ears at the Geneva motor show.